Academy of Athens (RCAPC)


PI: Dr. Stavros Solomos Operators: Dr. Stavros Solomos

The  FLEXPART-WRF Lagrangian dispersion model (Brioude et al., 2013)  is used to describe the forward transport of volcanic ash (e.g., Zerefos et al., 2017; Kampouri et al., 2021), biomass burning particles (e.g., Solomos et al., 2015, 2019) as well as the air-mass backtrajectories and residence times (Papayannis et al., 2016; Solomos et al., 2018; Dimitriou et al., 2021), at meso and local scale resolutions. The model allows WRF-driven dispersion simulations at very high spatial resolutions (from tens of kilometers down to several meters) and temporal resolutions (e.g., hourly wind fields). This configuration is particularly important for areas like Greece that are characterized by mountainous topography and coastlines. Under such circumstances the increased mechanical mixing and the daytime sensible heat sources result in complex PBL structures and convective cells that cannot be reproduced by the global circulation models.

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