Laboratoire d'Optique Atmosphérique (LOA), Lille, France


PI: Prof. Dr. Philippe GOLOUB Operators: Romanos FOSKINIS, NCSR, Ph.D. student at NTUA (Automatic Operation)

The automatic Sun Sky Lunar photometer (CIMEL CE318-T) is operating in near real time and is able to provide the aerosol optical and columnar microphysical properties. This instrument performs automatic measurements of the direct solar irradiance at wavelengths of 340, 380, 440, 500, 675, 870, 940 and
1020 nm and diffuse sky radiance at 440, 675, 870 and 1020 nm, respectively. The uncertainty of the aerosol size distribution retrieved by the sky radiance measurements is based on the calibration uncertaintyof each wavelength, assumed to be < ± 5%.