Filter Sample Analysis

PI: Prof.Athanasios Nenes (; Dr. Eleftheriadis Konstatinos (; Prof. Nikolaos Mihalopoulos ( Operators:

The filters collected from the Digitel, HiVol and INP samplers will be used in a variety of analysis to characterize numerous aspects of the chemical composition and properties of the aerosol on Mt.Helmos during CALISHTO. The filter analysis planned includes:

  • Elemental and organic carbon (NCSR Demokritos)
  • IC analysis (EPFL/CSTACC) for hygroscopicity and pH calculations
  • Offline AMS (CSTACC) for PMF analysis of sources & OC composition
  • ATR-FTIR analysis (EPFL) for OC Analysis
  • BrC/OP and soluble metals (Fe, Cu, Mn) with ICP-MS (CSTACC/EPFL)
  • Phospholipids analysis for bioaerosol content characterization (EPFL)
  • Sugars, polysaccharides (NOA/UoC)