NCSR Demokritos

Nephelometer (TSI 3563)

PI: Dr Eleftheriadis Konstantinos ( Operators: Dr. Fetfatzis Prodromos (

Permanent HAC station instrument: Nephelometer (TSI 3563)

The Integrating Nephelometer installed at Helmos Mt st. at the end of 2015, is TSI 3563 model, an analytical instrument for measurements of the light-scattering coefficient of atmospheric PM10 aerosols in dry conditions.  It detects scattering properties by measuring light scattered by the aerosol and subtracting light scattered by the gas, the walls of the instrument and the background noise in the detector. The parameters measured are spectral total scattering and backscatter coefficients in units [Mm-1] at wavelengths: 450, 550, and 700 nm.